Very extremely old art from Lisa and Joy based on various versions of Deathwish.

The second cover Joy made for Deathwish. didn’t have a story behind it yet—just thought it looked cool.

Lisa’s design for a sticker that doesn’t exist.

lisa drew this but she doesn’t know what it is.

Ray working at the record exchange while Gerard smokes rebelliously. Joy drew it.

Joy drew a strip addressing the fact that fallen angels don’t have nostrils.

Lisa and Joy arguing over the properties of the multiverse in cyberspace. Drawn by Joy.

Lisa’s design for a sticker that doesn’t exist.

A doodle Joy drew of of Ray expressing his music knowledge.

Gerard after fighting monsters or something. By Joy.

Sketch of the very first Deathwish cover. Joy didn’t really know it would be a cover at this point. She kind of hates it now.

A fairly recent painting Lisa did of Gerard.

long, long ago, deathwish was going to have a different writer, and joy tested out drawing the script.

A scribble of the boys by Joy, featuring an unnamed fallen angel.

Lisa’s drawing of Gerard with a gun called the Auctor, which we may or may not use in the story.

The original first panel of Deathwish, drawn by Lisa because Joy’s version frustrated her.

An unused cover that Lisa drew.

A random title page drawn by Joy for whatever issue it says at the bottom.

A really old drawing Joy did of Frank. Magic hands.

Gary the fallen angel doodled on Joy’s math homework.

Lisa’s idea for an issue two cover, though we didn’t really know what issue two would be about at the time.

“What if MCR were in a comic?” The first cover for Deathwish Joy made, before there was any story behind it.

lisa’s design for a sticker that doesn’t exist.

Joy’s attempt at portraying maximum dorkiness.

Joy read the Umbrella Academy and tried to draw Gerard like Gabriel BÁ .

Ray promoting a fictitious band whose name was created from a typo of another fictitious band whose name was created from a typo. Typo squared. Drawn by Joy.

A poster of intern fallen angel Ross. Drawn by Lisa.

A really emo first page that Joy made up.

Joy thought she could pull off this style for the entire series and was wrong.

Joy’s third-ish try drawing the original first page of Deathwish.

In which the two of us try to portray the logistics of the multiverse. Drawn by Joy.